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Concha y Toro 22/02/2022

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The Concha y Toro Tourist Center obtains sustainable tourism certification


The certification is known as Preferred by NatureTM, which documents that the winery’s Tourist Center, located in Pirque, is implementing a coherent set of policies and procedures to support the protection of biodiversity, cultural heritage, and better sustainable livelihoods for the local population.

After a groundbreaking sustainability audit, held between July and December 2021, the Tourist Center obtained positive results in the evaluation process.  Concha y Toro received an overall score of 97.98%, which exceeds the 70% overall compliance with the standard applied and demonstrates 100% compliance with its critical indicators.

These excellent results and certification were the result of over a year of work in the company’s different areas. Starting this week, the Concha y Toro Tourist Center holds the first certification in Chile and the world for this category of tourism services, a certification previously known as the Rainforest Alliance and now operated and granted by the Preferred by Nature organization.


What does sustainable tourism mean to us?

Tourism goes far beyond mere exploration. Responsible tourists connect to the local population, tradition, and cultures, and make an effort to guarantee their protection. When we decide to support tourism sites committed to responsible tourism, we can help redefine a tourism industry that places sustainability at the core of its operations.

This is why we at Concha y Toro are certified under the Preferred by Nature Sustainable Tourism Standard and are committed to protecting and preserving our natural and cultural treasures for future generations. As part of the #PreferredbyNatureTravel community, we are committed to making responsible tourism accessible for all.

Your decisions can make all the difference!

Learn more about the new certification on the Preferred by Nature website.


** The Preferred by Nature Sustainable Tourism certification is an independent and external evaluation whose processes and procedures have been designed and implemented under strict principles of transparency, fairness, and objectivity to recognize sustainable management in tourism activities.