Concha y Toro


Location: 34°13′00″S 70°47′00″W




The Peumo Vineyard is located approximately 130 km south of Santiago and 170 meters above sea level. It stretches along the Cachapoal River, in terraced hills of the Cordillera de la Costa.


Temperate microclimate, it has very warm autumns and springs. The spring influences that there is a very good fruit set and the mild autumn makes us harvest as late as possible with the active vines.



Fertile soil of alluvial origin. It has a large percentage of clay which makes the plant retain a high percentage of moisture.


The best way to know if the grape is ready to be harvested is by tasting it directly from the vine, considering only the skin and discarding pulp and seeds. If chewing the skin of the grains feels rough and notes of paprika and pepper are perceived, wait a little longer.