Concha y Toro

HÉCTOR URZÚA Casillero del Diablo, Diablo, Gran Reserva, Trio

“The Riberas Series represents the challenge of producing wines with a unique expression that has been just waiting to be shown off.”

Héctor Urzúa has a Degree in Agricultural Engineering, with a concentration in Oenology and Fruit Growing from the University of Chile.

His first wine harvest at Concha y Toro was in 1994, during his college internship. He joined the Company in 1996 as head of the Lourdes winery, located in the Pencahue zone of the Maule Valley (VII Region of Chile).

Héctor has significant international experience after participating in the 1999 wine harvest in the French wine region of Côte-Rôtie, which specializes in Syrah. Additionally, in 2000, he worked at several wineries in Australia also specializing in Syrah.

During his career at Concha y Toro, Héctor took on the position of Head Winemaker for the Lourdes winery, where he was responsible for producing some important brands. He was able to consolidate all of his knowledge and experience in the Maule Valley when he was named one of the three winemakers for the Gran Reserva Serie Riberas super premium line, where he is in charge of producing Syrah, one of his favorite varietals.

Brands responsible

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