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Francisca Jara 09/06/2021

Wine pairings

Dishes to pair a brunch at home with rosé


Is there anything more summery than a chilled bottle of Rosé? Regardless of whether it’s thunder and lightning outside, rosé has that ability to make us feel fresher and lighter. It may be because they are an alternative to the most common wines: red and white. Or for its attractive colour. The truth is that once opened, rosés especially stand out for their great versatility. Thanks to their fresh fruity flavours, delicacy and creaminess on the palate, they are a great ally for different occasions.

This time, regarding the Rosé Day that is celebrated this coming June 11th, we want to bring it to the table at brunch time. That midday meal that combines the best of breakfast and lunch, with dishes specially recommended by 3 prominent sommeliers. Take note.


  • Italian ham and melon

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For Massimo Leonori, Head Sommelier of Concha y Toro, the idea is to accompany rosé with delicate preparations because it is a smooth wine. “A classic for brunch is the Antipasto Prosciutto e Melone. The idea is to use Italian ham (and not Serrano ham) because it is sweeter, and that the melon is quite ripe and sweet too”, explains Leonori. Who suggests pairing this dish with Casillero del Diablo Rosé or with Marques de Casa Concha Rosé, both of the Cinsault grape variety. “Prosciutto is salty, so you need a wine that is rounded and creamy to soften this salt. Also, the acidity of these wines helps clean the fat from the prosciutto in the palate. While the melon helps to the sweet and salty contrast, where the wine complements without interfering with the flavour of the food”.


  • Salmon and avocado tartar

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Another option to pair with the same wines, Leonori explains, is a Salmon Tartar (which can also be replaced by tuna). “As it is an oily fish, it has a lot of flavour and is quite intense, so rosé will enhance the flavour of salmon. But since it is not an intense preparation (the idea is to season it only with olive oil, a few drops of lemon, salt and pepper) the wine can be appreciated very well. The avocado is creamy, it softens the acidity of the wine and creates a good complement”, he adds.


  • Vegetarian sushi

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Chilean food journalist and sommelier, Carolina Freire, suggests a Vegetable Sushi wrapped in avocado to pair with Rosé Concha y Toro, which has just been officially recognized as a Vegan Wine. “In this fresh and summery blend, the delicate flavours of sushi and rosé wine are enhanced. While the rosé brings fruitiness, the sushi delivers creaminess. As the soy sauce is saline, the wine cleanses and refreshes with its acidity balancing the mixture on the palate, ready to start over again”.


  • Fresh or creamy scallops

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“For a light, fresh and mineral rosé, I think there is no better pairing than fresh scallops with orange zest and lemon drops”, suggests Jazmin Adriazola, sommelier of Concha y Toro. “Those mineral notes that the sea gives to the scallops, I find them to be the perfect match. But if it is a rosé with a little more body, I would go for a cream-based dish with seafood: Fettucini with seafood sauce. The cream gives more body to the dish and a wine with greater structure like Marques de Casa Concha Rosé Cinsalut, has more opulence for this dish with more intensity”, explains the sommelier.


  • Camembert and mozzarella cheeses

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For Jazmín, another indisputable pairing is rosé of greater structure with Camembert cheese. “They are mature cheeses, with a little more complexity and a minerality that brings out the flavours of the wine,” she says. While Massimo Leonori also suggests enjoying the rosé with fresh cheeses such as mozzarella, thanks to its mild flavours.

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