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Concha y Toro 22/09/2022

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Marques de Casa Concha obtains vegan certification for all of its varieties


In keeping with the global trend towards more sustainable and conscious consumption of food and drink, Marques de Casa Concha has secured V-Label status, a globally recognized Swiss certification that accredits all of the varieties in the range as vegan.

Sustainability and well-being are the main trends currently motivating consumers, who feel increasingly responsible and empowered when they seek out what is best for them. 

In view of this, and as part of its desire to give consumers more conscious products and its strong commitment to sustainability, Marques de Casa Concha has obtained V-label status. This certifies that none of its wines audited by the European Vegetarian Union contain any ingredients of animal origin. This includes all of the production and processing stages.

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What is a vegan wine? While grapes are always the raw material for wine, conventional non-vegan winemaking uses products of animal origin. This occurs during the fining process, a stage used to “clean” the wine, eliminating traces of grapes and yeasts to give it a more crystalline appearance and also to smooth any rough tannins or phenols. In the specific case of Marques de Casa Concha, products of animal or vegetable origin are not needed because the quality of the grapes used guarantees the quality of all of the varieties of wine.

Marques de Casa Concha is a brand that does not use products of animal origin in its white or red winemaking processes. Marques red wines have been vegan for more than a decade, but until now have not been certified as such. The V-label certification recognizes and reaffirms our years of work,” explains the head winemaker for the range, Marcelo Papa.

This certification reaffirms and validates all of the work that Marques de Casa Concha and Concha y Toro have been doing with regard to the production of their wines and their commitment to consumers. The V-label means that consumers will now be able to see at a glance the company’s concern for the environment as well as the outstanding quality of the wine in each bottle.