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Concha y Toro 25/11/2020

Todo sobre el vino

The best wine apps for wine lovers


– Delectable


It is one of the best wine label scanning app and a great way to access to the comments and notes left by other users who have already tried the same wine. It works by just taking a photo of its label, which will allow you to see scores (Carmín de Peumo Carmenere, for example, has 79 recommendations and a 9.2 rating), tasting notes, vintages, detect trends, at the same time that you can identify if comments come from wine enthusiasts or experts. And if you want, you can even start a conversation with them. It is almost like a social media. Available on Android, iOS (Free).

– Vivino


You probably already noticed that Vivino usually appears every time you check some wine in Google. If you did not know what it is about, it is the most famous and best evaluated wine app in the market thanks to its outstanding algorithm to recognize labels. It stands out for having the largest wine label data, which is also highly accurate in terms of vintages. “Buy the right wine,” says their slogan, and it really does help to achieve it thanks to the honest entries of millions of wine drinkers. In addition, it has a wine shop where you can buy directly from your phone. It also gives you the option to share your passion for wine with your friends on social media. Available on Android, iOS (Free)

– Raisin


This app, which in French means “Grape”, is aimed to a specific audience: the natural wines lovers. If you did not know about this “concept”, it is basically wines that are made of nothing more than grapes (and sometimes just a little sulphites). Thus, the idea of this app is to share with others your comments or evaluations of natuhral wines, photos of bottle and to locate (through a map, like a GPS) bars and restaurants that serve at least 30% of natural wines around the world. In addition, it is available in three languages: English, French and Japanese. Available on Android, iOS (Free)

– Hello Vino


Although this app is aimed to the North American market, the truth is that anyone can use it because it really does what it promises: be a virtual wine assistant thanks to its different tools. It works as a variety guide that explains you the profile of grape variety, providing wine recommendations according to the best ranked (such as Terrunyo for Carmenere wines), best price/quality value, at the same time that suggest ideal food pairings. It also has a section in which you can customize your wine preferences and thus receive special recommendations based on your own taste. Available on iOS (Free)


– Tipple


If you are one of those people who have always wanted to learn to taste wines properly but have not given the time, this friendly application could be your best excuse. Developed for beginners and experts, Tipple invites you to keep track of your wines using the right vocabulary to describe their colour, flavour and aromas like a professional. Thus, thanks to practical tools such as a fully animated aroma wheel, you will turn your sensory experience into a digital record to which you can return as many times as you wish. Available on iOS (Free).