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Concha y Toro 08/01/2021

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The CAV visits Concha y Toro in Peumo


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In her story entitled, “Alto en Cachapoal, Valle de la Furia” (Up high in Cachapoal, Valley of Fury), the renowned journalist Ana María Barahona gives an account of the CAV’s first trip to Cachapoal. Over three days, she and her team toured the top wine growing areas of the region, tasting and talking to the different producers of this iconic valley. The title of the story makes a reference is to the song “Ciudad de la Furia” (City of Fury), by Argentine rock band Soda Stereo. Barahona says the song comes to mind to “describe that unusual strength, that desire and that overwhelming feeling of many of the wines she tasted.”

According to Barahona, “Peumo’s Designation of Origin (DO)” is indisputable evidence of Peumo’s importance as a terroir for producing carmenere. In this section of the article she talks about her visit to our Peumo winery and says that Concha y Toro is considered one of the most important vineyards in the area. With its 1,000 hectares of vineyards, of which 450 is for Carmenere, Concha y Toro has, “a long history since this is the company’s second oldest property (since 1900).” She adds that it is “here where Ignacio Recabarren and now Marcio Ramírez first began to display all of their talent in producing those great Carmenère wines.”

Barahona met with Ramírez, also known as “Mister Carmenere”, and did two “mini vertical wine tastings” of the ultra-premium brands Terrunyo and Carmín de Peumo. This is what she said.

“The Terrunyo 2014 vintage, which is considered the first of a new era of wines and labeled ‘Lot 1’, is a generous and rich wine stopping short of being sweet. The 2018 vintage will have a Limited Edition, celebrating 20 years of this label and signed by Marcio Ramírez. The wine’s floral and spicy notes are indicative of the “how enormously proud we feel of Peumo”. A sample of the 2019 vintage already promises more verticality and is juicy and elegant to taste. Regarding Carmín de Peumo we tasted a fantastic and generous 2010 and a delicious 2019 vintage. The 2019 was floral with hints of blueberries and, despite having been recently bottled, was remarkably balanced. Finally, we tasted a delicious 2020, still in its barrel.”

The article is a travel story through the Cachapoal wine region that is a must read for any wine lover. To find out more, check out the CAV magazine.