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Francisca Jara 17/02/2023

Wine pairings

Exploring new pairings


Raise your hand if you like to drink wine! If you are one of us, get ready to celebrate the Global Drink Wine Day and Explore New Pairings this coming February 18th.

One of the greatest pleasures for a wine lover is sharing a bottle with his loved ones. Because the wine goes beyond summoning, it can generate conversations transforming normal occasions into very special moments. Not for nothing is it one of the oldest drinks of humanity.

It is believed that the origin of wine is almost as old as human beings. There are archaeological remains that indicate that its beginning would have been in Georgia, where Neolithic ceramics were found to revealed that the origins of viticulture date back more than 8,000 years.

To honour the wine and all its history, the Global Drink Wine Day was created. A date that invites us to get out of the routine because, in addition, it invites us to Explore New Pairings. It is a two for one that brings together the responsible consumption of wine with its importance within gastronomy. Here we suggest some ideas for you to explore pairings and celebrate this date. But be careful, in the end the correct pairing will always be the one that you like the most.

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Escargots (snails)

Extremely popular in French cuisine, snails in garlic butter (usually tossed with a bit of onion, pesto and spinach) are an appetizer that requires an acquired taste. If you are a lover of this dish or if you are interested in trying them in an adventurous way, a good way is to pair it with a dry white wine. Although snails are usually paired with wines like Amelia Chardonnay, a white blend like Trio Chardonnay, which also has percentages of Pinot Blanc and Pinot Grigio, could make you addicted to this exotic European dish.

Ph: Ke Vin / Unsplash

Fried chicken

Many times, out of mere prejudice, we leave those “finest” wines for “more elegant” meals. But what happens if we give up this belief? Pairings may appear that are literally to lick your fingers. It happens when we combine the crunchiness of fried chicken (from Korean style to KFC) together with the bubbles of a sparkling wine like Subercaseaux Grande Cuvée. Thanks to the crispy acidity that dominates its texture, good balance and complexity, this wine is capable of transforming this matching into a luxurious combination, breaking with the fatness to refresh mouthful after mouthful.

Ph: Nathan Dumlao / Unsplash


This simple pairing requires no complications, and is extremely satisfying. You just must put a bag of corn in the microwave (or if you prefer in a pot), season the popcorn with a little butter and worry about having in your hand a glass of Marques de Casa Concha Chardonnay (barrel-aged) at the correct temperature. To watch a movie or to sit down and have a chat with a friend, this match will surprise you.

Ph: Jeswin Thomas / Unsplash

Tacos al pastor

Beyond tequila or chelada, Mexican food can be enjoyed with various styles of wine. Even those street dishes that we often eat without giving importance to their pairing. This is the case of the delicious tacos al pastor, which stand out for the smoky flavour of their marinated grilled pork, which work wonders with a medium or light bodied red wine like Amelia Pinot Noir.