Concha y Toro

Concha y Toro 22/04/2022

CyT News

Celebrating our first year as a B Corporation


In April, we celebrated our first anniversary as a member of the B Corporation community, a milestone that underscores our commitment to sustainability.

Our certification on April 22, 2021, was a significant step in our commitment to environmental, social, and corporate governance issues, cornerstones for the company’s growth.

Concha y Toro began working on a sustainability strategy a decade ago, setting itself clear and challenging objectives and goals. Since then, we have been consistent in our sustainable journey in implementing responsible practices in the care of our vineyards and reducing our carbon footprint.

We have made significant advances in water management, the use of renewable sources in our operations, waste management, and the sustainable management and conservation of native forests. We are incorporating regenerative farming practices for flora, fauna, and soil, which will help create vineyards with greater biodiversity.

We have made progress on many fronts, but we have focused most of our attention on efficient water use, reducing our carbon footprint to combat climate change, energy efficiency, and biodiversity over the last decade.