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Concha y Toro 19/11/2021

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Marques de Casa Concha launches Descobridores campaign


Led by winemaker Marcelo Papa and chef Felipe Bronze, this campaign encourages Brazilian consumers to discover new and extraordinary paths together with this wine. 

Concha y Toro’s historic Marques de Casa Concha brand recently launched its new Descobridores (“Discoverers”) campaign in Brazil, led by the company’s Technical Director and the line’s winemaker, Marcelo Papa, and Felipe Bronze, a renowned chef at the Oro restaurant in Rio de Janeiro, which has two Michelin stars.

Developed in Brazil especially for this market, the Descobridores campaign encourages consumers to discover the main attributes and qualities of Marques de Casa Concha. “If there is one thing I like to do, it is to discover. To discover new destinations, new experiences, new tastes, and now I have a new companion for my next discoveries: Marques de Casa Concha. Keep an eye out because from now on we will share dishes, pairings, and much more together with this masterpiece by Concha y Toro and renowned winemaker Marcelo Papa”, said Felipe Bronze in a video on his Instagram account.

This new initiative will run for one year, with three different phases. “Marques de Casa Concha is a wine that explores Chile’s best terroirs, and throughout its history it has been acknowledged by major global wine publications. We would like to invite our consumers to discover extraordinary new paths together with our wine”, said Roberta Matos, VCT Brasil Marketing Specialist.

You can follow the campaign on the wine’s Instagram account and watch the video on YouTube, #junteseaosdescobridores.