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Concha y Toro 25/01/2021

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Refresh your summer with the new Late Harvest Rosé from Concha y Toro


Concha y Toro already has one of Chile’s favorite wines, the well-known Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc. Now the renowned winery is adding a new variety to be enjoyed this summer – the Late Harvest Rosé. This wine has the perfect balance of sweetness, freshness, complexity and fruitiness while at the same bringing elegance and finesse. This Late Harvest is intended for those who enjoy meeting up with friends, or having a pleasant after-dinner drink or for whoever values quality in their day to day.

The main characteristic of this Rosé is its fruity character, says winemaker Héctor Urzúa. However, Concha y Toro also looked for a fresher style that perfectly combines the typical the late harvest notes of honey with noble rot.

The new Late Harvest Rosé’s striking pale pink color and notes of pomegranate and red fruit result from the assemblage of sauvignon blanc as the base, Riesling for depth and Syrah, which adds the pale pink color to this blend.

Unlike other late harvest wines, Late Harvest Rosé expresses itself in a different way. Its grapes, from the Maule Valley, are handpicked in autumn as winter is starting to creep in and are vinified with great care to create a complex wine of remarkable quality.

Urzúa comments, “as we have obtained a fresh expression of Late Rosé with this wine, it has a broader scope for food pairing. It combines perfectly with mature cheeses but also with desserts, particularly fresh fruit. It can also be enjoyed as an accompaniment to a relaxed and pleasant conversation on the terrace.”

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