Concha y Toro

Francisca Jara 17/12/2021


What kind of wine drinker are you?


If you are reading this note it is because you probably enjoy wine. But within wine lovers, people have as many personalities as styles when choosing them. The truth is that dividing them by age and gender would be a bit boring. That is why we invite you to have fun with this classification that perhaps speaks of you. Without taking it so seriously, of course. Tell me what you drink and I’ll tell you what kind of drinker you are.


  • The Snobby Drinker

If there is one thing clear, it is that the snobby drinker doesn’t go unnoticed. Whether it’s because they take notes or is WSET certified, can even come off as a bit authoritative. They love to share with others their appreciations about the wine they drink, obviously after swirling the glass and aerating the wine in their mouth. They usually visit vineyards and wineries on weekends or holidays, in addition to spending money on very good quality wines such as Gravas. Screw top wines are not their thing.


  • The Indifferent or Social Drinker

Unlike the snob, this drinker doesn’t care much what is in their glass other than that it contains alcohol. For this reason, they can hardly tell if you if they drink an icon or an entry level wine. When choosing it, they prefer to go directly to the offers section of the supermarket. At parties they are not fussy, they drink for fun.


  • The Healthy Drinker

This person drinks one glass of wine a day. They have been doing it since they read that this is the recommended amount to receive the benefits that polyphenols (antioxidants) deliver to the body. And they don’t exceed that amount. They prefer certified organic, biodynamic and   vegan wines such as Rosé Concha y Toro, ideally without additives and better if they are low in alcohol. Preferably, these wines should pair with vegetarian or very light dishes.


  • The Collector Drinker

This drinker is very proud of his wine cellar: he has a spectacular selection. But beyond enjoying the moment of having a drink for pleasure with family or friends, this drinker is a kind of label hunter. It values ​​the bottle itself more, especially if it is a historical vintage or a famous winery or label such as Carmín de Peumo. Which he prefers to keep exactly until the most suitable date to drink it.


  • The Beginning Drinker

This person is new to the world of wine and tends to prefer very refreshing white varieties or wines with a hint of sweetness, as they feel lighter in the mouth and appear less complex. Although they prefer inexpensive wines, at the same time they are very curious and seek to learn.


  • The Adventurous Drinker

The adventurous drinker, meanwhile, is even more curious. Instead of always drinking the same thing, they are constantly looking for new experiences and face them with an open mind. Aware of the latest trends, they prefer to buy wines of more diverse origins and varieties in order to keep their palate trained, with the purpose of discovering the world through wine and in turn training the palate. They would drink Terrunyo.