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Concha y Toro 15/10/2021

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Isabel Mitarakis named by Patricio Tapia among the ten future stars of the Chilean wine industry


In an article published on October 8 in Wikén Magazine (El Mercurio), the renowned wine writer and journalist included Isabel among winemakers who “people will be talking about in the future”.

 In The Future of Chilean Wine, Tapia explains that this new breed of winemakers is different from previous ones since “it has come along in very different circumstances, with a refreshing attitude that no longer sees an excess of wood or years of ageing necessary for a wine to shine, but rather a strong sense of place; a generation that has had the opportunity to travel, to taste different wines, and bring that experience back to Chile”.

 Among the select group of winemakers under the age of 35 picked by Patricio Tapia is Isabel Mitarakis, about whom he wrote:

“Wine has been part of Isabel’s life from an early age. Her mother’s side of the family is part of the Concha y Toro company. While her intention was to focus on agronomy, the late José Guilisasti, her mother’s brother, steered her in another direction. “He said ‘To be a winegrower, you must first learn how wine is made in order to understand the entire process. Producing table grapes is not the same as making wine.’ “With that one sentence he changed the course of my life and my profession, recalls Isabel, who until recently was part of the team led by Enrique Tirado at Don Melchor. Today she is the winemaker at Gravas, one of Concha y Toro’s premium lines. Despite having travelled the world making wine, she is excited by the prospect of ​​making wines in her home country. “I like Chile, its terroir, its character shaped by the Andes, the cool Pacific coast, and the diversity of its soil. I love the freedom we have to keep exploring different origins and soils, allowing us to find new homes for the different varieties that exist in the world”, she enthuses”.

 If you want to learn more about Isabel Mitarakis’ wines, discover the world of Gravas here.

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